Project #17.1: Support for the abused girls home in Mae Sot, Thailand


Working closely with Mike Arter a local Missionary in Mae Sot, Thailand we helped get the “Safe House” off the ground to the point it is almost self sufficient. Ongoing help is always needed for a cook, a counselor gardens and fish farms for food etc.

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Background on the girls:

The stories here are all similar:  Pen is thirteen years old. Her mother recently remarried and is afraid that her new husband might sexually abuse her daughter. She gave her up for her new marriage. This is a common issue that is so heartbreaking. When some Thai people remarry, they tend to give or send away their children because they are seen as excess baggage to the new marriage.

Mida is another girl at the safe house. First, her father died. Then her mother remarried, but died as well. This left Mida with her stepfather, who began sleeping with her at the age of 13.  Every girl at the safe house comes from similar backgrounds.  They are now in a safe place and in a loving atmosphere. They have seen healing and restoration in each of these girls.