Project #14.13.8: Safe House for Girls – Baking Lessons & Tutors

Baking Lessons 1Baking Lessons 3We want to raise  $300 to provide Baking Lessons & Tutors for the Grace Safe House Girl’s




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Funded By:  Fully Funded By Mike Ditzler & Tom Love

Donor(s):Mike Ditzler




We work closely with Mike Arter, a local missionary, on several of our projects and he also helps with background/accountability checks.  Recently, Mike and his wife Bee were asked to oversee the Safe House for Girl’s.

The Safe House is undergoing a transformation under Mike’s direction.  Previously there were no real established rules, chores, or structure for the girls and they began behaviors which would lead to trouble.  In addition to love and safety we all know tweens and teens need structure especially when there has been neglect and/or abuse.  As might be expected the changes didn’t go over to well with the girls and they finally after given ample time to adapt had to be given ultimatums to abide by the rules.  Some chose to leave which was very difficult because this will most likely take them down a dark path.

Mike is in the process of bringing in 10 new girls and has implemented a background check system so there is greater accountability and so that only those with a real risk are taken into the home.  The additional girls will add to their cost so we will update as we get the specifics.

The stories here are all similar:  Pen is thirteen years old. Her mother recently remarried and is afraid that her new husband might sexually abuse her daughter. She gave her up for her new marriage. This is a common issue that is so heartbreaking. When some Thai people remarry, they tend to give or send away their children because they are seen as excess baggage to the new marriage.

Mida is another girl at the safe house. First, her father died. Then her mother remarried, but died as well. This left Mida with her stepfather, who began sleeping with her at the age of 13.  Every girl at the safe house comes from similar backgrounds.  They are now in a safe place and in a loving atmosphere. They have seen healing and restoration in each of these girls.