Project #13.15: The “Pig Farm” for Agape

100_6476$2500 will transform the space you see into a facility to house the Orphanages 50+ 100_6480Pigs which will not only provide food but will be used as a revenue generator to fund other areas of the Orphanage.

Funded By: Fully Funded by MACRO Consulting/Richard McCullough.




We are proud to lend our support to help sponsor programs at the Agape Orphanage in Mae Sot, Thailand.  Mae Sot is a border town where more than 1 million Karen/Burmese refugees have come from their homeland to escape the civil war, mine fields, starvation, diseases and misery have destroyed many family structures and too many migrant children are orphans or abandoned living in slums or in the street.

The word Agape is derived from a Greek word that translated into English means love and that’s what we found at the Agape Orphanage and Learning Center.  AGAPE is a place of love. You gain an incredible feeling as you walk through the gates. As one of the young boys or girls comes to unlock the gate for you the smile on their face welcomes you from the very beginning. It doesn’t take long to work out how this family looks after its own, and how everyone has their own special place in it. It is precious to see!

Agape is home to around 120 children and a school for 300-400 children in total. But it is more than that, it’s a large-scale family and includes all its teachers and staff as its parents, under one head. It runs 24/7, with all the family working together to achieve its goals: Peace, Love and Brotherhood.

Everyday is a new day of struggle in the best conditions. They have a lot of projects that require funding in order to develop the Center and to bring more comfort to the kids.