Project #14.5: Footwear

Footwear$8.5 for a pair shoes which keeps the kids feet free from the hazards that abound in the landfill and other areas.  Fund a pair or more if you have the means as we need many.

 Funded By: Available

Donor(s): Carmen Tsang, Adrienne Love


Carmen Tsang

During my four years working in Asia, I had the opportunity to do a lot of traveling and experiencing of different cultures and life.  But not all travels were cheery. Yes, some were to exotic islands and booming cities but at the same time, one step over, and you would be seeing a completely different world.  A much less fortunate and poorer world.

A world so different from what I used to see and feel.  A world I was so protected from.  You always knew in the back of your mind such a world existed but it never hit home until you step foot on it.  It was a world where children were not in school learning math or science, but were on streets begging for money.   It was a world where parents were not teaching their children how to build sand castles, but were teaching them how to chase down and corner strangers for money.  It was a world where children had no bed to sleep on, but were living under sheets of wood, sleeping on cold concrete floors.

They should not have to live in such a world. They should be living with a free mind, playing with their friends, not living in fear that they may be kidnapped one day and be forced to live a life of begging.  Sometimes I would walk pass beggars with a child with no limbs and burnt face and, I would wonder if that is really their child or if it was a child who was stolen from his real parents and had his body parts cut off, so that he will get more sympathy points.  It sounds too cruel and far-fetched, but it’s not uncommon in these countries of poverty.

This is why I donate to causes that help children.  And this is why I trust donating to Phamile, knowing that 100% goes to these children. Because every penny does count.Carmen Tsang


 I support foundations that specifically target children – Adrienne Love






Over 200,000 refugees line the borders of Thailand and Burma, held in refugee camps that can barely manage to provide for basic necessities. Tens of thousands of these refugees are children – children who have been traumatized by the ongoing war waged by the Burmese military dictatorship against the regions hill-tribes. Here they end up in the camps or living illegally along the border regions, at huge risk of being taken into the sex trade, suffering malnourishment and other ongoing threats to their well being and lives. In addition to basic necessities like shelter, clothes, food and education, children also need hope, joy and play.   

The orphans survive by wading through the mounds of garbage for recyclable plastic or selling illegal goods which unfortunately doesn’t get them enough to even get enough food or water let alone shelter etc so we want to call on donors to help us make a big difference in these children’s lives!

Our goal is to help by teaming with local volunteers to begin making a real difference using a focused approach e.g. one or two Orphanages.

We will also be looking to potentially use these and other funds at an Orphanage on the Thai/Burma border (Mae Sot) or at an Orphanage near Thai-Muang, Phang Nga Province (80 km North of Phuket), Thailand.