• What We Do

    The Phamile Foundation is a non-profit project and needs based Orphan Support Foundation.

    100% of donated dollars go directly to the project you personally select!

    What We Do
  • What Makes Us Unique

    What is truly unique about The Phamile Foundation is that 100% of all donated funds go directly to the children.  

    Starting with our founder, Tom Love, everyone who works with the organization donates his or her time and money. The volunteers who support this organization pay all administrative fees and expenses (including travel) no donor funds are ever used.

    What Makes Us Unique
Founders challenge- We will match the next $13,500 in donations! Just completed our trip to Thailand, Cambodia checking on funded projects and evaluate new ones.  We are excited to lend our support to two new orphanages and increase support for one of current ones. We are here to HELP!  Lets make this season truly special for many orphans.  

Project #18.1: Support the youngest of orphans in Chiang Mai, Thailand

These children need survival essentials: Diapers, formula, food, medicine etc

Project #17.2: Support for the Kamala Beach orphans in Phuket, Thailand

These children need basic essentials and training: shoes, socks underwear etc

Project #18.2: Support for the Children of Hope in Haiti

These children need basic essentials and training: shoes, socks underwear etc

Project #15.20: General Donations

Anything Helps – Whatever You Can Afford

Donor Testimonials

During my four years working in Asia, I had the opportunity to do a lot of traveling and experiencing of different cultures and life.  But not all travels were cheery. Yes, some were to exotic islands and booming cities but at the same time, one step over, and you would be seeing a completely different world.  A much less fortunate and poorer world. A world so different from what I used to see and feel.  A world I was so protected from.  You always knew in the back of your mind such a world existed but it never hit home until you step foot on it.  It was a world where children were not in school learning math or science, but were on streets begging for money.   It was a world where parents were not teaching their children how to build sand castles, but were teaching them how to chase down and corner strangers for money.  It was a world where children had no bed to sleep on, but were living under sheets of wood, sleeping on cold concrete floors. They should not have to live in such a world. They should be living with a free mind, playing with their friends, not living in fear that they may be kidnapped one day and be forced to live a life of begging.  Sometimes I would walk pass beggars with a child with no limbs and burnt face and, I would wonder if that is really their child or if it was a child who was stolen from his real parents and had his body parts cut off, so that he will get more sympathy points.  It sounds too cruel and far-fetched, but it’s not uncommon in these countries of poverty. This is why I donate to causes that help children.  And this is why I trust donating to Phamile, knowing that 100% goes to these children. Because every penny does count.Carmen Tsang

At the beginning of last year, funding a project was part of my New Year resolution.  During the course of the year, I got to see how the children life improved and how much joy they had when they received new beds, blankets and pillows.   Each time I received news and pictures of what was accomplished with my donation, I was reminded of what I already have — and I look at what I have in a new light and, I have a lot.    For a second consecutive year, I am happy of giving a donation to the Phamile Foundatiion as part of my resolution.   I am extremely happy to fund the same project as I know  basic supplies are always needed.Christine McCullough

I choose to support The Phamile Foundation because it strives to help the poorest and the most innocent in this world without waste or misuse or charitable donations.  The Foundation's unyielding support of impoverished orphans gives hope and concrete aid to a largely neglected segment of society.  The Foundation's founder, Tom Love, is an honorable man whom I have known closely for several years.  I have full confidence in the foundation's resolute and sincere dedication in bettering orphans' lives, because I know that passion resonates in Tom.  I specifically chose to fund the kitchen supplies project because the orphans are growing children, who require solid nutrition and the means to prepare basic meals.–Andy Clavin

I chose the Phamile Foundation because of the good things I've heard about it from my friends Christine and Richard.  I also have other friends who visit Thailand often and tell me about the conditions there.  I chose the Seeds & Soil Self-Sustaining Gardening Project because I feel teaching children to become independent and able to create their own gardens and food  may end up helping them more than food alone.–Anthony Kulesa

I hope my contribution will help create a better life for these Orphans in need.  I chose The Phamile Foundation because 100% of my contribution goes directly to the children and because they are totally transparent in every way. You are encouraged to attend meetings, follow your project, talk to volunteers, etc.  Their system of accountability is great.Miguel Beteta Rodrigo

This February I went to Thailand and saw these kids many who had lost their parents.  I was lucky to grow up with lots of love and attention so I wanted them to see people care about them.  I want them to have the chance to grow up healthy and to receive a good education which requires a nutritious diet.  I wish more people would give because you get more in return when you help others.  It was important to see that The Phamile Foundation has a network of people set up to verify accountability of donations so the kids get every cent. Na Liu

I think I picked this particular project because education is on my mind a lot at the moment.  My oldest son is a junior, so we've begun the college exploration process with him.  We just visited 6 schools in the Northeast at the end of April.   I'm fortunate that my kids have no obstacles regarding pursuing an education, but clearly that's not the case for these girls.  I particularly wanted to support one of the programs that is designed to help girls because I'm afraid that they still don't hold the same status as boys in many parts of the world.  My sense is that's particularly true in Asia. Neil Ascher

MACRO Consulting, Inc. is pleased to fund the project Breakfast for Future Kids of the Future Light Orphanage, Mae Sot, Thailand, for the calendar year 2011 and 2012. “ We hope our financial assistance will make a difference in the lives of these children by providing them with a basic breakfast.”  

 –Paul-Richard McCullough, President

I support foundations that specifically target children–Adrienne Love

I just wanted to help the children at this time of year–Mary Lou Patten